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Fireya Energy provides comprehensive oil and energy services that help you stay abreast of the latest developments in this field. Oils and fules. PETROCHEMICALS and INDUSTRIAL PLANTS SET UP. FABRICATION, METAL WORKS, PIPING, GAS, CHEMICAL PIPELINES. A one point and effective solutions for all your needs.


We have a team of international experts who can offer cutting-edge, sustainable, and cost-effective energy solutions for your company. With Fireya Energy, you can be sure to get the most affordable oil and energy services.

1-Commissioning Support Services
The commissioning of any plant has to be well thought out as it is a crucial step in the lifecycle of the project. Its requires nothing less than perfect planning and execution with support of well qualified technical manpower  that can only be handled by those who have the required know how, experience and the facilities to carry out commissioning services.

Fireya is adept at assisting our clients with pre-commissioning & commissioning.
2-Project Management
Fireya Energy Engineers successfully managed execution of large  deployment projects for setting up of Onshore Processing Facilities, Cross Country Pipelines, Gathering Centers / Offshore exploration & Oil and Gas processing plants, Subsea Pipelines,
LNG Terminals, Green Field and Brown Field Projects; Gas Processing / LNG / CNG / LPG Plants, Metals and Minerals, Power, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals and Dairy Projects  and more.
3-Construction Supervision
Supervision and monitoring of site contractors work during civil construction, erection of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment’s, piping, cabling, etc is a very crucial stage of the project’s life-cycle and Fireya Energy Engineers can deploy specialised personnel for the same.
Site supervisors / erection personnel are required during the construction phase of the project for a very specific period and it’s a very specialised job.
Each project needs people with specific skills and relevant industry experience.
Projects may span 12 to 36 months and requirements vary during the course of the project.
4- Procurement Assistance & Expediting
Fireya provides a full scope of services in procurement assistance starting from Vendor pre-qualification to purchase order preparation.
Our clients are happy with the services wherein we ensures quality check at every level. Purchase recommendations are made based on holistic technical evaluations with no compromise on quality with competitive price.


5-Inspection Services
Supervision and monitoring of site contractors work during civil construction, erection of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment’s, piping, cabling, etc is a very crucial stage of the project’s lifecycle and Fireya Energy Engineers can deploy specialised personnel for the same.
There is a universal need for highly trained, competent, and experienced inspectors in all phases of construction and maintenance activities. Inspection Services specializes in providing such inspectors.
Having worked for almost three decades in the Projects industry, both in India and abroad, we have built up a strong expertise in this sector and are able to fulfil requirements for the following roles at very short notice . Our GLOBAL EXPERIENCE relates to world wide advantage.
Turnarounds/ Shutdowns are major projects that require sound planning, execution and control. It directly affects the bottom line of the company and is thus a very critical operation.We have been successfully carrying out shutdown projects for last 10 years especially for refineries and petrochemical plants. The experience we have gained means we have the knowledge to successfully support clients throughout all stages of a Turnaroun
Identify Problems Early On - By utilizing surveys before construction begins, or during its start-up phase, many issues can be identified before they become major headaches.
Easy And Accessible - We are an accredited service provider of TOTAL STATION SURVEY (Inspection), RAILWAY SURVEY (Inspection), ROAD SURVEY (Inspection), MARINE SURVEY (Inspection), MALL SURVEY (Inspection), RESIDENTIAL SURVEY (Inspection) etc services at competitive rates.
Detailed Analysis - As we are experts in gathering and interpreting data, our reports not only summarise but also provide detailed analysis of what is happening on site.
Increase Client Satisfaction - With our expedited process, competitive pricing, and laser focus on getting it right from the start we reduce scope creep and significantly increase client satisfaction
Ensure Customer Loyalty - Satisfied customers want to buy from us again and again which saves time and increases loyalty
Improve Efficiency - We offer a wide range of surveying services, so instead of dealing with multiple vendors you can make one call to Fireya
Get High Quality Services - Know what you're getting before it's too late—we work on a no obligation basis so you can walk away at any time. PECB certified trainers from around the world. Best in Class.

Enjoy Reduced Cost - We can offer reduced rates for selected survey work, depending on the client's needs
Get Satisfaction Guaranteed - With our leading customer service representatives always on hand, we can keep things running smoothly from start to finish
Increase Efficiency - Explore how industries are shifting with our comprehensive set of market research services, organizational surveys, and statistical reports so you can stay on top of trends across all areas of your business and work smarter.
  • Reach Your Audience - Streamline customer outreach efforts and elevate the value you offer customers with our research services at an affordable price point.

Grow Your Business - With our deep expertise in customer needs assessment surveys and data gathering methods, Fireya is a partner who will truly understand how to serve your goals as an organization.Reliability - We have been in the business for more than 25 years and we have a very good reputation in the industry. We have been working on projects with the state government as well as central government.

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