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GIS. Evaluation Report, Feasibility Study. Plan of action. Inspection Report, Compliance Checklist. Proposal Documentation. Expediting Report.

Emissions Research Reports. Environmental Impact Statement. Business Plan. GIS. Project Report. Regulatory Report. Inspection Report.

Feasibility Study, Report, Project Report. GIS. Export Research Reports. Inspection Reports.

Trade Promotions Report. Feasibility Study. Project Report. GIS. Export Research Reports

Inspection and Testing services. Quality Certification. Corporate Social Responsibility. Fireya has a vast experience in conducting market research, contract drafting and legal agreement drafting. For any kind of survey, you can hire us for it.


All Survey work as  GIS, Market Survey, Total Station Survey. Export Import. Vendor Search. Inspection Pre Production. Project managers. Excellent. EHS work, Project Work, Project Preparation. Project Commission. Finalization of project. Bank Representative.

Market Survey, Total Station Survey, GPR Survey, Traffic Survey, Quantity Survey, Final Project Report, Detailed Project Report, Trade Promoters and Trade Consultant. Feasibility Study.

Fireya is a digital agreements management platform that helps users with managing their contracts. We not only offers specific formats for various types of agreements but also covers the nuances of country-specific contract law. Fireya helps organizations with risk mitigation, compliance, and digital transformation. We have an experienced team which has worked globally, that monitors your legal obligations and flags them for you - so you can focus on what you do best.

Inspection for all industry including manufacturing, construction, industrial units.

Quality Certification Providers. ISO and CE certification.AUDITS.

Bank Representation for KYC and verification.Mulitlateral Banks Representation.

Feasibility Studies for Enviornment, Project Sucess and Impact Assement. Final Project Report. Detailed Project Report. Export and Import Vendor Search as well as Export Import Consultancy. We give you all types of support in Any part of Globe. We serve all commonwealth and  Win always win. Fire. Contract global contracts.The best part is you do not have to bother. Relax and set up your goals. Win as you can. We will give all Inspection Report, Third Party Verification report and boost you in your confidence. Enjoy and make a move. No worries just Fire. Fireya. Contact a Contract. Where your dreams come real.



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