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All Kind (Total Station, GPR, Hydrographic, Market, Door to Door, Political Survey + Research Work)

Inspection and Testing services. Quality Certification. Corporate Social Responsibility. Fireya has a vast experience in conducting market research, contract drafting and legal agreement drafting. For any kind of survey, you can hire us for it.


All Survey work as  GIS, Market Survey, Total Station Survey. Export Import. Vendor Search. Inspection Pre Production. Project managers. Excellent. EHS work, Project Work, Project Preparation. Project Commission. Finalization of project. Bank Representative.

Market Survey, Total Station Survey, GPR Survey, Traffic Survey, Quantity Survey, Final Project Report, Detailed Project Report, Trade Promoters and Trade Consultant. Feasibility Study.

Fireya is a digital agreements management platform that helps users with managing their contracts. We not only offers specific formats for various types of agreements but also covers the nuances of country-specific contract law. Fireya helps organizations with risk mitigation, compliance, and digital transformation. We have an experienced team which has worked globally, that monitors your legal obligations and flags them for you - so you can focus on what you do best.

Inspection for all industry including manufacturing, construction, industrial units.

Quality Certification Providers. ISO and CE certification.AUDITS.

Bank Representation for KYC and verification.Mulitlateral Banks Representation.

Feasibility Studies for Enviornment, Project Sucess and Impact Assement. Final Project Report. Detailed Project Report. Export and Import Vendor Search as well as Export Import Consultancy. We give you all types of support in Any part of Globe. We serve all commonwealth and  Win always win. Fire. Contract global contracts.The best part is you do not have to bother. Relax and set up your goals. Win as you can. We will give all Inspection Report, Third Party Verification report and boost you in your confidence. Enjoy and make a move. No worries just Fire. Fireya. Contact a Contract. Where your dreams come real.




Project Report



Techno Legal Contracts

Total Station Survey


Data Entry Work

Marketing Survey


Detailed Project Report

Political Survey


International Contracts 

Census Report Survey


Business Setup

Data Collection Survey





Third Party Inspection

Quantity Survey


Export/Import Vendor Search

Traffic Survey


Business Research

Research Based Survey


Consultant and Mentor

Door To Door Based Survey


Feasibility Report

GPR and DGPS Survey


Project Management

Telephonic Survey


All types of Valuation

Online Remote Survey


Safety Audit

Survey Engineering


BPO Services

Human Resources Survey


Inspection Report

Inspection and Survey

survey on distribution of credit, deposits and employment in banks (Basic Statistical Return (BSR) 1 & 2),

survey on composition and ownership of deposits with scheduled commercial banks (BSR 4),

survey on investment portfolio of scheduled commercial banks (BSR 5),

survey of debits to deposit accounts with scheduled commercial banks (BSR 6),

co-ordinated portfolio investment survey for commercial banks

survey of small borrowal accounts

survey of foreign liabilities and assets for corporate, insurance & mutual fund sectors,

coordinated portfolio investment survey for corporate, insurance & mutual fund sectors, (iii) survey on software and IT services export

survey on balances in Nostro / Vostro account used in BoP

international trade in banking services,branch audit and inspection services

Inspection and verification for Loans and purposes

KYC confirmation survey


Inspection of God owns and verification of inventories

Third party inspection and verifications as per norms

Consumer confidence survey ii) Credit conditions survey iii) Business outlook surveys for trading sector

Post Loan Enquiries and Survey

Third Party Valuation and Data Record

Banking Area Survey for Establishment

Physicians tell pharmaceutical companies how patients respond to medications, what is bothering them, what’s working, and what’s not—feedback used to hone the product or the messaging around it. FMCG a Feedback survey is sure shot for future planning and competitions

Medical market research surveys help improve physician education and information services. For FMCG a future market strategy is laid as well as advertisement planning this improves overall set up and margins for future planning every quarter.

Primary market research surveys improve every facet of the pharma-physician relationship. This too as well as in FMCG improves Inventory set up and

Marketing and research survey for both FMCG and Pharma industry

Actual market situation survey

Drug Impact survey and guidance FMCG Product review survey

Feedback survey from customer

New Product Survey

FMCG planning and prospects for new markets

Design Appraisal and Verification

Certification according to AD-2000

Document Verification

Electrical Equipment Verification / Inspection

(Chartered Engineers) Inspection

Authorized Inspection Agency for product and goods verification.

Certification according to API/Standards

Authorized Inspection Agency for Indian Boiler Regulation

CE Marking and certification

And ISO Certification

Shop and site inspection involving stage and final inspection

Pre-shipment inspection

Periodic inspection and Audits

Power Generation PRE PLAN Inspection and Feasibility repot

EHS and Safety Inspection

Audit of Industry or Plant survillance




verify and validate designs and drawings in their entirety

VETTING for Design and Pre Project or Post Project

verify and validate bills of quantities

certify and monitor material suppliers

monitor the quality of incoming materials

monitor the safety-measures at site

conduct audits on the environmental impact of a project at site

validate structural designs and bills

verify project plans (quality plans, safety plans, etc.)

monitor material suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors

control and test building materials

monitor the construction’s compliance with applicable codes

Social Development Studies

Land Acquisition with Environmental studies. Environment Health Safety

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs)

Sectorial /Regional Environmental / Social Assessment

Socio-Economic Surveys Environmental Surveys

Environmental Impact Assessment

Political Situation study and Reforms

Door to Door Survey

Survey for Poverty reduction

Theme based survey


Feasibility Studies Pre or Post Project

FIREYA Consultant  is a team of dedicated and un biased people from higher education and technical background. Fireya is into surveys of all kinds. Market research, management and government consultant.


 Fireya is into the fields of surveying and technical reliability. Multilateral Bank Representation and Banks works. Valuation, Valuer survey.


Fireya is a renowned Third Party Inspection and Verification Services team provides our customers quality and dedication.


Fireya provides support in Social Impact Studies, Environment Health and Safety, Social Assessment, Resettlement. We also provide Data collection, Third party verification and detailing. There is no direct involvement of our representative. We give you the actual picture and details.


This being a crossroads platform we endeavor to be as much transparent in providing our services to reach the best at you. Our services include telephone studies, focus groups, IDIs, business to business services, healthcare services, DTDs, viz Door to door pre-recruit services, ethnography services, mall studies, taste testing’s, mock jury trials, homebuilder studies, mystery shops, intercepts, and more. Fireya Consults is unbiased and univesal company.


The above is only a BRIEF VIEW and points summary of what can be done. Once started you will note their was a MOUNTAIN you made, a space shuttle you set on go. A BIG PLANET you searched along with us. We endeavor to provide you best of our services at all times to come.